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What is Guilds of Veldahar and what makes it what it is? Guilds of Veldahar is a project that has never been done before, until now. It's new and unique and that's what draws a lot of people in. They want originality and we can give that to you if you give us a chance, because a lot of servers are the same things over and over again. The same things, the same updates, the same everything; that makes people want to quit and leave because it's something they've already seen before and already played before. What makes us different from everyone else is that everything we come out with is 100% completely original and never seen before. Guilds of Veldahar offers a wide variety of things to do from cutting down trees to mastering your own account to having your own Guild! Every server has that one thing they focus on the most that basically defines the server. What we value here on GoV are Guilds, There are main cities across Veldahar; Varrock, Falador, Yanille, and Lumbridge each city having their own guild.

What we're about

Here on Veldahar, we value integrity and honesty.  We want you to be good.  Everything happens on GoV defines us as a whole.  If you do something bad, it makes us all bad.  We have a warm and welcoming community.  Guilds of Veldahar offers a 100% constant uptime and updates.  Strong economy based server.  Interactive and Unique miniquest.  We have a strong development team that puts hours and hours into a single update.  They want your experience here to be the best it possibly can be.  Not only the staff team, but everybody in general listens to the community and the players feedback.  Our community is always interactive with another from doing events, to PvMing.  From helping each other out on the forums to just having a good time with everybody!  Here on GoV we have Holliday events.  We have a special and 100% unique and custom minigame called "Blood Money".  Another thing we offer on here (probably our most known thing on here) are Guilds.  As explained above talks about what they are.

Latest activity

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